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WOID concepts

Patricia Holler - person and expertise

My technical know-how is based on over 20 years of experience in the world of hospitality interior design. After studying architecture in Germany and Spain, various positions followed in Germany and abroad, including in Dubai, as a senior interior designer for 4-5 * hotels in MEA, and at one of the largest hotel companies in the world, where I was entrusted with setting up and managing the interior design department of the European representative office since 2013. My network and extensive expertise in the international hotel industry result from working and supporting a large number of hotels in over 25 countries and many different brands. The project work during my time as Interior Design Director was, in addition to design management and management, characterized by the interface function between owners, specialist planners and various operational entities.


My broad knowledge in design strategies, functionalities and operational processes allows me to be on board with the project team in an advisory and creative manner very early on. This ensures that the right course is set in the early phase of the project and that the gap between architecture / master planning and the design and brand-specific goals of interior design is closed in this critical planning period.


By focusing on the development of narratives, I ensure that every single hotel receives a very personal, individual direction and note, and that a common thread can run through the entire hotel. This narrative forms the basis for interior design, functionality, the entire appearance and range of services of the hotel.

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